Debt-free society, now a reality

When you ask any working adult around the globe today what their main reasons for stress include, I can guarantee that debt may feature at the top of that list. Why are people so stupid then?

Why do they bring that stress upon themselves? Reality is that they are far from stupid, and they never wanted to put unnecessary pressure on themselves. They are merely uneducated when it comes to borrowing money offered to them.

As a result of the lack of public education, many experts and authors boarded the bandwagon and offered desperate credit slaves solutions that range from managing the debt they have to choosing the right credit to suit their pockets.

Credit is depicted as your friend, not your enemy and many consumers are made believe that credit is a necessity. Bull.

Credit is your enemy and it will destroy your life until you educate yourself. I believe that it is very possible to boycott the credit system completely.

In my latest book, Boycott cRedit: for beginners, I tackle the credit monster at the root of its targets ā€“ those who are yet to become credit worthy.

Even though this first edition of a series of books is aimed primarily at students, young adults or adults who need to become credit worthy for some reason, even consumers who are deep within the clutches of the credit monster will benefit from this well-hid secret.

These are the words that credit providers and major banks would hate for you to read; this is the information that can free you from credit slavery.

Read a sample of Boycott cRedit on Smashwords and purchase a copy.

Boycott cRedit is authored by an average Joe who learned the hard way and managed to free himself from the clutches of the credit monster.

The facts revealed in this ebook are confirmed by the Credit Bureaus and can direct you to debt-free living. Follow the author on Twitter (@Boycott_cRedit) or facebook.


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